Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Full Day #4: 3 States Within 24 Hours

Hello all! Today was a lovely day! It was a slight change of pace from our usual crazy busy days. First, we left Doylestown, PA and took the bus to Princeton, NJ for a choir clinic with Dr. James Jordan at Westminster Choir College. It was so much fun, and we all really got a lot out of it. We came out as a group feeling much more confident and enthusiastic about our singing. After that, we went over to downtown Princeton for lunch!
Princeton is so pretty at this time of year!
Jory and Kevin on the Westminster Choir College campus! Photo Credit: Claire Osburn
The Michaels, David, Jory, Jonathan, Jamie, Josh, and Dr. Seighman at Hoagie Haven in Princeton.
Photo Credit: Claire Osburn

I went to a place called Zorba's (kind of like Dancing Zorba's from My Big Fat Greek Wedding!) with Alex, Ethan, Ryan, Doug, and Valerie. We had an awesome time! Afterwards, we made the drive from Princeton to Cranford. EVERYONE fell asleep. Here are some comical pictures!
Jory, Alex, and Michael are adorable!

Michael, Claire, and Valerie were sleeeepy!
Once we got to Cranford, we did our sound check at Trinity Episcopal Church (it's funny because we share a name!) and then went off into downtown Cranford for dinner.
Josh, Gillian, Valerie, Michael, and Alex having dinner at Emma's!
Some students hanging around while Seth played the organ. Photo Credit: Claire Osburn

After this, we did our concert (which went very well), and now we're at our 3rd and final homestays with families in Cranford! It's bedtime for me now, because we have an early morning tomorrow and lots of free time in New York. After we have about 6-7 hours in NYC, we have our final formal concert at the Church of the United Nations. Getting excited already; I love the Big Apple! Until then, lovely blog readers!
Megan King

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  1. Hey Megan! Could you have Michael Evans borrow a phone and call his parents? We had a call from the church and he will want the message ASAP!