Friday, March 16, 2012

Final Blog Post: The Big Apple and Saying Farewell

Hello lovely readers! Thank you so much for sticking with this blog and following the Trinity Choir along on our northeast tour this year! I have absolutely loved blogging for you all, and I hope you've enjoyed keeping up with us. But before I say goodbye to you all and stop the constant posting, I'll share with you what we did in New York City on Thursday! Get ready for a massive load of pictures, because they're awesome. Here we go!
First, John, Ryan, Adrienne and I went to Chinatown for a quick visit to some shops on Canal St. After that, we decided to go to the original Katz's Delicatessen.
Apparently it was pretty awesome (it was quite pricey though, so I didn't get anything there). Next, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was so awesome! Now for the explosion of pictures. Ready and... GO!
The entrance to the Met. SO HUGE! I sat out on the steps and ate a street hot dog afterwards and felt like a true New Yorker. :)

A piece from the Greek/Roman exhibit.

Giant column!

Bronze chariot, which was so cool up close.

Looked out from the second floor onto just one of the hundreds of exhibitions the Met has. I could spend all day in there and still not see everything.

Cool statues in the tribal art exhibit.

I just liked all the colors! This is in the modern art collection.

This awesome chair was also in the Modern collection. I want it!

A Picasso painting!

And check out all the texture! This is an up close shot of the painting above.

Salvador Dali painting. So cool! From far away it looks like an ear, but up close you can see several figures painted into it.

Another cool modern painting.
An Andy Warhol painting (he is one of my favorites) of Mao Zedong.

This is another Warhol painting entitled "Self Portrait."

This piece is pretty cool from afar, but...

Even cooler when you see the pattern it was created with!

Next, we came upon this, which I think we played in for a solid 5 minutes taking photos and stuff. Giant mirror made of small mirror hexagons. Makes for cool and funny photos. This is one of Adrienne and me playing in it.

John got in on it too. SO many faces!

This piece is pretty cool as well, but...

Even cooler when you realize it's all bottlecaps/pieces of trash and wire. Resourceful!

These are Spanish ceiling tiles straight from the 1500s.

A second floor view of a recreation of a 16th century Spanish patio.

The view from downstairs.
Pretty cool, right? Afterwards, we met up and had our concert at the Church of the United Nations. On our way, we passed by the gorgeous St. Patrick's Cathedral.
So pretty!

Another view of it.

Then we had some free time in Times Square to have dinner/look around. John, Ryan, and I went to a place called Virgil's BBQ. It was delicious! Here are some pictures we took afterwards.
Lovely view of the top of the Empire State Building at night.

Times Square!

Another view of Times Square. At the very top you can see the 2012 ball that was dropped on New Year's Eve!

Look who we found!
After a LONG day, it was time to just chill before an early wake-up call this morning. We met up at 6:45 (GROSS) and went to the airport for our flights.

A picture of the clouds on our flight from Atlanta to San Antonio.
And now we're home! Such a relief after a busy week, but we all had a blast! I was sad to see it end. The Trinity Choir is very proud of all of our accomplishments this week and very grateful for everyone that made it possible! So many performances. So many sights seen. SO MUCH AWESOME. :) Thank you all so much for reading, and I really hope you've enjoyed the posts! Until next tour, friends!
Megan King

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