Saturday, March 10, 2012

Airport Antics

Everyone made it through security (thank goodness) and we're all waiting at the gate. Our flight departs for Atlanta at about 12:30, and from there we will travel to D.C.! I'm super pumped! Here are some entertaining photos from our airport adventures:
Claire and Jory are being studious

Adrienne, Michael, and David are playing cards.

Ryan and I are being.. ourselves. :)

Taylor and (a sleepy) Jennifer are just hanging around.

Eva, Rachel, Jonathan, and Maddy are super excited!

Lovely Amanda and Jennifer!

Cody, Alexa, Andrew, and Kelly are playing on the iPad.

Gillian and Mason are also being studious.

Kevin, Josh, Alex and Michael are playing Magic.
And that's what we're up to at the moment. I'll update with more photos after we get to D.C.!
Megan King

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